Let the Insanity Begin!

on 20 July 2011

Well.  We knew it was coming.  We just didn't think it would be quite this soon.

Chris and I are house hunting, people.  Because being pregnant is never craziness enough.

When we moved back to Durham, we decided to rent in our old complex again.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  We knew where everything was, it was centrally located for Chris (who didn't yet have a job), and it was relatively affordable.

Those things have changed.

For starters the management company is 9 kinds of terrible.  They're essentially flipping the entire complex.  Which is great because it means that we get new roofs, and renovated interiors, but it sucks because they're jacking up the rent (which was already high) and they don't really care about the tenants.  In the year since we moved in, the management in the office has changed completely (and I mean completely, not one person left) 3 times!  Three times!  In the three years we lived here before, we had the same management staff for THREE years!

Anyway, we just found out about the rate hikes and realized that if we continued to live here and pay this much in rent, there's no way we'd be able to continue saving anything towards a future house!  Plus, we can get a mortgage for what we're paying in rent.  It's been something that's been growing on our minds for a while now, but it wasn't until they decided to hijack our rent that we finally decided to act.

And so, with only 3 months until our lease is up, we are searching searching searching for a house.  We're not delusional enough to think that we're going to get the perfect house, we'll be happy with a suitable house for right now.

So please to pray for us sinners and if you don't hear from us much, just trust that we're working hard and we'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens!


Metta said...

Are you guys interested in town homes? I know a few cute ones for sale in the area in the $120 range.

Jeff VanD. said...

That is so exciting! Look at y'all all grown up. :) I'm excited to see what y'all decide on! :)

Rae said...

such exciting news. and just the right time to buy, too! I'm sure you'll find something amazing and perfect for you. It's an adventure, though. keep us updated!

Brett said...

Exciting! Good luck! Try to enjoy. :-)