Birthday Hangover...I mean, recap.

on 15 July 2011

We've all been a little sluggish this week.  I blame the birthday hangover.  Too much sugar and celebration and not enough leafy greens and rest. 

But boy did we have fun!

The day started with Birthday Donuts!  Chocolate and Maple and Lemon, oh my!  I laughed while watching the Boy run in laps around the living room on a sugar buzz to end all sugar buzzes.  After a failed attempt at a nap (I know, what with the donuts, I was a little delusional with that one), the family started to gather at our little apartment.

There were presents and cards and lots of laughter.  He got lots of animals and books and two trains.  We moved the party to Red Robin for chicken fingers and fries and more conversation and laughter.  At one point I was trying to keep my dad from getting restless and voluble with the slacker wait staff and said, "Dad, your blood pressure doesn't need this fight."  To which he responded, "What blood pressure?  That's what I take PILLS for!"  I had to laugh at that logic.  We take medication so that we can lose our tempers in good conscious!

My mom made my favorite cake (what?  it's fair!  They had to CUT him out of my body!  I get my favorite cake on his birthday.  It's cake!  He doesn't know the difference) and we had candles and singing and cake and ice cream and MORE presents (books and a big red Clifford dog that the Boy has refused to be parted from since his birthday).

Anyway, everyone hugged the Boy and headed home and we set about trying to settle him down for the night.  I was rocking him in the rocking chair and wondering how many times I've rocked him to settle him for sleep in the past three years.  And then the more I thought about it the more I realized that I could probably come up with a reasonable round number.  Are you curious?  Here it is:  2, 711 times.  Not counting extra cuddles for sick days (or nights) or teething cuddles. 

And you know, there are probably some women out there who would say, "What a waste of TIME!"  But I wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything.  It was important to me from the beginning and it's still important to me.  I know my days are numbered.  I know one day he's going to look at me and say, "No, Mama.  Don't need a cuddle."  And I'll smile and say, "What a big boy."  And then tuck him in and go and have a good cry.  But for now...for now I'm enjoying my Boy.

Here.  You enjoy him too!

The Boy and his Nana.

The Boy and his Daddy.

The Boy and his Cake.

The Boy and his Wish.

Photographic evidence for his Aunt Susie--CAKE!  And ICE CREAM!

The Boy and his Happy Birthday.


Cel and JP said...

You do birthday right, my friend. I'm taking notes over here.

Happy Birthday, big guy!

And Happy Mama's day to you :)

Brett said...

Yeah for an awesome birthday! And I'm oh so curious what your Mom's awesome cake recipe is that ranks so high on your cake-dar (haha... just came up with that) that it's your favorite.