What to do with Boredom

on 08 July 2011

When I was a kid, if we admitted that we were bored, we were usually given extra chores to do.  I'm not sure it was an effective way to clean the house (we figured it out pretty quickly and stopped complaining of boredom), but it was an effective way to keep children out from underfoot.

The Boy doesn't understand what "bored" means...but when he starts to act fidgety, I get to work.

And so does he.

Also, Lightening McQueen.

Don't think me too harsh, he loved it.


Brett said...

So cute! Love the bum in the little undies too. Curious about the thing the magnets are on in the background... mini fridge for teeny tiny bottles of juice? dishwasher in the dining room? misplaced dryer?