A New First

on 03 July 2011

Sunday afternoon we were piled up in the bed, me, Chris, the Boy, the cats...and we achieved a new first.

It's not a milestone we've been watching for, in fact, it was one I was rather hoping NOT to reach.

The Boy is all about Daddy apparently, so at one point he looked at me and said, "Do not like Mama.  Mama go away."

I would be lying if I didn't admit it broke my heart a little.  I did leave.  I went to make dinner and soak my sore and banged up heart in a big glass of ice water.

He's still in there playing with his Daddy. 

And you know, I understand.  Daddy is awesome.  Daddy plays and rough houses and tickles and chases.  Daddy is gone for a good chunk of the day, and so Daddy doesn't say No half as much as Mama does.  Daddy doesn't require him to pick up his toys, eat fiber, clean his plate, or go to bed by a set time.  Mama requires those things.  If I were him, I'd love Daddy more too.

And I know...he's just a kid.  It doesn't really matter.  And it doesn't.  But it SO does.  I'm the one who takes care of him when he's sick.  I'm the one who makes him breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I'm the one who makes sure his clothes are clean and his bum is wiped.  ME.  I do the dirty work.  The least he could do is not send me away with his petite royal decree.


On to happier news.  Samwise can go home!  She's hopeful that there's only smoke damage to her house, which is a relief considering that she thought she would lose it.  I for one am happy she can go home.


We're gathering at my Sister's house to celebrate our nation's independence by doing what all good American's do: eat red meat and blow things up.  But there will be a new batch of pictures of the Boy for the blog.  In the wind up for his birthday slideshow...coming soon to a theater near you.


The Mom said...

Welcome to "REAL" motherhood!! A job not for the weak of heart or the easily offended. I learned to love the phrase mean mommy!!! See you tomorrow!

Rae said...

I hate those moments. I take comfort in knowing that no matter what, the scales are ALWAYS tipped in my favor, because I am the mom, so it's nice for the dad to get it every now and then.

Metta said...

Ugh. I already feel this coming. Gigi barely says ten words yet, and I can feel that this sentence is coming because, let's face it, Marcos is the fun one. I haven't figured out what "my" thing will be yet. I'm still breastfeeding so I've clearly got my niche for the time being, but it's only a matter of time before that's out too.

Oh, and I signed up to feed the missionaries WITH you guys at the end of the month. I just added "+ Prietos" to your little entry. Is that okay. I figured it was a great way for us to sup together.

Brett said...

Don't worry about C. Who does he want when he's sad or hurting? I'll bet it's Mommy every time. That means you'll never lose your special place.

And yeah for Samwise! That was so sad to read about.

And since I haven't said it on your blog yet, yeah for being pregnant!!! So so so excited for you guys.

Cel and JP said...

WHAT?! I am NOT allowed to EVER take breaks from your BLOG!!! I completely forgot what comment I was going to write here because I just read Brett's comment and now I must immediately go and read another post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!