on 26 January 2011


I am surrounded by sick people.

Sick people and pregnant women. 

My sister and her whole family are down with this horrendous flu.  The Boy has some sort of mucus-y possession of his chest and head.  It's beyond gross.  Poor Chris, I delegated all nose wiping to him.  And then shocked him by telling him I'd rather change a nasty diaper than wipe a really nasty nose.  Of course, that's sort of a moot point since the Boy is potty-trained.

Chris is now the walking sick.  He's still soldiering on, I'm not sure how, but he is.  We're dogsitting Hogan again, and I keep telling Chris that I will go and feed and walk Hogan but he won't let me.

Me?  I'm not 100% but I'm no where NEAR as sick as everyone else around me.  It's been nice to be healthy enough to help take care of others. 

And so we've been laying low.  Way low.  I've been reading, watching my World War 2 documentaries and working on a pretty-pretty pair of socks for my sister.  Chris' birthday is coming up so I'm trying to come up with something fun and sort of whimsical that I can do for him...if you have any ideas, I welcome them.  I can't even pin the man down about what sort of cake/pie/cupcake/sweet-treat that he wants.  Of course, he's sick so he doesn't want much of anything right now.

And in lieu of any real content, I shall leave you now. 


Cel and JP said...

This is the time of year where I teeter on becoming a germ-o-phobe. I don't think I'd ever be one in real life, but when you go through awful sick phases, one right on top of another, it's another to make me wanna swap the inside of everyone's noses with hand sanitizer every five minutes. I know that would have the opposite desire affect, but still. I feel a little crazy this time of year. Hope you're well by the time you read this :)