Let's Review

on 24 January 2011

Last week, when we left our little family, they were just starting Finishing Week.  Here's what was on the list to accomplish:

  • Put Crap Away (PCA, pronounced pee-ka, as in "Dude, we need to P-CA now before I lose mah mind!")
  • Update finances
  • Scrub-a-dub-dub the apartment
  • Finish a wooly hat for my chilly nephew in Denmark
  • Finish a wooly scarf to match the wooly hat for my chilly nephew in Denmark
  • Finish the first of a pair of pretty socks for my stressed out sist-ah.
  • Finish the war memoirs of Major Winters
And here's what *really* happened:

  • We did in fact PCA.  And it lasted for a good 3 or 4 days!  Which, you must admit is a pretty impressive showing in winter when we're all holed up in the house anyway.
  • I did update finances and managed to get myself to the bank.  Highly motivated by the fact that I need to pay bills again soon and would rather not send a bunch of checks if there's no money in our account to cover them!
  • We totally scrub-a-dub-dubbed the apartment.  I'm pretty sure Chris thought I had gone round the bend, but it was BAD and I felt so very much better once it was done.  It also involved taking down our diaper sprayer and storing it and the diaper pail in the hopes that we'll get another awesome kid.
  • I also managed to finish the wooly hat for William.  It's too big, but then, he comes from a nice family who all have big noggins (myself included) and he can flip the ribbing up to adjust the size of it.
  • I also finished the war memoirs of Major Winters, it was very good.  It's a memoir but also very much a book about effective leadership.  
  • I did NOT finish the scarf for Chilly William, but I have made headway on it and should finish it...you know...eventually.
  • I did NOT finish the sock for my stressed out sister, I worked through the colorwork and then became increasingly annoyed at little mistakes that I had made so I pulled it off the needles rather than waste the wool.  Instead!  I went and purchased a little bit more of one kind of wool and started a new pair of even PRETTIER socks for her.  She's going to LOVE them, and if she doesn't I do!  So, you know, win-win!

All told it was a good but very busy week.  The Boy started getting sick on Thursday, and sadly, I was pretty grateful for it since it meant that I could just lay low with him through the weekend.  We did go to the Kids Exchange and it was enormous!  gargantuan! humongous!  And absolutely crazy!  I told my friend Mary, when I saw her in the 45 minute long line, that it was strangely reminiscent of a shark feeding frenzy except with pregnant women!  I was surrounded by pregnant women.  Not that I have anything against pregnant women, but when you're feeling insecure about your own fertility, it's like a sharp spray of lemon juice in a conspicuously open wound.  C'est la vie.  We found some really awesome shorts for him for the summer and polo shirts and church clothes and shoes!  And also a bit more Thomas stuff just because it was very cheap and it makes him so very, very happy.

This coming week looks to be ever so slightly less full than last week, which I confess I desperately need.  I've been feeling thinly spread lately and I find it's making me more impatient and short-tempered than normal which neither I, nor my family find appealing.   So this coming month is when M learns to draw a line and say no to people.  Pray for us sinners...


Brett said...

Being busy and overcommitted and eager to help others doesn't make you a sinner. At least I hope not. :-)


Love you!

Rae said...

Being around pregnant women when fertility insecurity is the worst. We lived in the worlds fertile center when I was figuring out just what was wrong and I nearly stopped functioning. Anyway, love and hugs to you. Hope the mojo and refreshing you need finds you soon.