Finishing Week

on 17 January 2011

Welcome to Finishing Week here in Burnstopia.

It's a much loved tradition that reoccurs at random intervals throughout the year whenever I start to feel harried by my life.  I've got to the middle of 3 knitting projects, our winter gear has been heaped in a pile in a chair, my desk is drowning in family finances and our laundry has, quite possibly, achieved spontaneous animation and is taking over the apartment.

(What have we been doing while this has occurred?  Well, mostly we've been hanging out.  I had a fairly enormous editing project to work on and Chris has kept up with his job application craziness, and we watched the Pacific (the HBO series) and then we've been hanging out.  And yes, it's very nice and we're enjoying it while it lasts because we know it won't.  But after last year and the Missing Husband who had been Eaten by the Hospital, I'm very grateful for the time to reconnect.)

So I'm taking this week to Finish.  I'm tackling laundry and finances and Putting Crap Away (PCA) today.  I'll be working on 2 of the 3 knitting projects so that they can go out to my very cold nephew in Denmark.  And then it's on to cleaning, organizing conference classes, tutoring projects, editing projects and Other Stuff.

Incidentally, the potty-training is going GREAT!  (I'm currently knocking on every wooden surface within reach.)  The Boy spent the week naked from the waste down and had only one accident in the bathroom but not on the toilet.  He went to church in big-boy pants yesterday and made it to the bathroom each time.  He's currently tooling around the house in Thomas the Tank Engine underpants and doing brilliantly.  Our strategy came from this book...

I'm convinced that a big part of why the Boy is such an awesome two-year old is because we started applying those strategies back when he was only 18 months.  It's an awesome book and hearty thanks to my Sister who gave it to me back when the Boy was in-utero.

I packed up the diapers this week and lo, it is great.  But I'm pretty sure the Boy is trying to make up for the lack of diapers to clean by becoming the messiest eater EVER.  How he can manage to eat a peanut butter sandwich and get jam on his FEET, I still haven't figured out, but there it is.

And on that note, I'm going back to PCA and Finishing.  Go and be productive!


Cel and JP said...

me too. one big project is staring me in the eyeballs. I refuse to be up till midnight the night before it is due, so I'll join you in your finishing week :) and congrats on the potty training success. You give me hope for child #2 to have a much better time of it than poor sweet child #1.

Rae said...

I totally need a finishing week. Sounds like a great time. Maybe when Colin is a little older and naps better than he doe now.

Brett said...

I love the idea of finishing week! I might just adopt that. I will probably need to implement it quite frequently.