Birthday Blast

on 12 January 2011

My Birthday was Sunday.

It was a good one.  In spite of the unavoidable getting older aspect, I love birthdays.

My parents came up and took us all out for dinner and my mom made me cake and y'all, I ate cake All. Weekend.  Long.  It was awesome.

And I'm happy to announce that after six and a half years of marriage my sweet husband bought me birthday PRESENTS.  Usually, he just takes me out for dinner, but this year?  PRESENTS.  Wrapped and everything!  It was so great!   I totally felt like a kid again.

(My parents and my Grandma gave me money and let me tell you why I love money.  Because it enables me to rationalize things I would never normally rationalize--like audio versions of books I own and have read and loved!  Yay and YAY!)

And since it was Sunday that was about the end of the special...we had church and packing and so that's ok.  I've accepted that the best birthdays come when you're a kid and you get the day off from chores or whatever AND you get dinner AND cake AND presents.  Once you grow up, you never get a day off from work to be done.

And you know?  That's ok too.  Because this family of mine?  They're worth working for.


Rae said...

Happy Birthday, lovely. Sorry i'm a jerk and rely on favebook to remind me of birthdays.

Birthdays as a mom can be really awesome, because when sweet little boys think of you on your birthday, it makes even the work we do for them seem like a gift, too.

Katrina said...

happy birthday!!! sounds like a wonderful day!

Sarah said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!! Miss you tons!

Cel and JP said...

sheesh. I missed it again. I missed it last year, too, didn't I?


oh wait. I just remembered. Thanks to Brett, I didn't miss it! I was just pregnant, so although my body was there ... my mind most definitely was not :)

Happy birthday again. miss ya love ya!

Brett said...

Wow. I feel like such a jerk. I've had "write down friends' bdays" on my to-do list for a while, and as you can tell, it hasn't gotten done yet. Happy Birthday, you wonderful lady, you. I'll have something in the mail this week.