The Week that Was

on 07 January 2011

So, a week ago last Friday I got an email from a graduate student.  This happens sometimes.  I freelance as an editor specializing in dissertations.  Anyway, I got this email from this guy--he's a doctor in FRANCE and he wants to defend his dissertation at the end of this month, would I be available for some editing?  And oh yeah, he wants to get it to his committee members in 4 days, is that too short notice?

Me?  I'm an idiot.  So I say, "Nooooooo, that's not too short notice, I can totally do that!"  All this before having seen his document.  He assures me that all it needs is "polish."  And me?  I'm an idiot.  So I believed him.

People, this was the dissertation that would not END.  He had done a statistical analysis of circumstantial factors relating to good biomedical research and the statistics!  They just about killed me.  To say nothing of the fact that English is his second (if not his third) language!  It was awful.  It was interminable.  It turned my brain to pudding.

Needless to say, I missed the deadline.  And the guy was fairly cool about it because I think he knew his original goal was totally unreasonable.  Anyway, I got it finished yesterday, references, appendices and all.  Now, let's just see if he pays me.

(He'd better pay up, I know (and have worked with) both of the professors who run his program, I can have them hold his dissertation hostage as a piece of academic dishonesty...and I WILL if I have to...)

Anyway, it was also the week I started tutoring my nephew in writing.  I am having too much fun!  He's funny and smart and it's just so fun to get to work with him.  I've worked with his older brother and sister and they were fun too, but this is the first time I've worked with him and it's a ball.  I can't wait to read what he has for me next week.

And lastly, this was the week I had a couple of other deadlines, so needless to say, I have done NOTHING but work, work and work.  Chris has done all of the dishes, all of the laundry, most of the cooking and all the while looking at me longingly and asking if I'm done yet and can we just cuddle and watch whatever?

And so it gives me glee to be able to say, "I'm DONE!"  I finished the work, and now we're just packing.

We're off to Savannah next week.  I'm taking a day to drive down to Brunswick to sit and chat with my two main girls down there and let my Boy play with his friends Jack and Lena--and yes, he remembers and yes, he's excited!  Hopefully, it will be a fun visit.  I've tried to tie up loose ends here so that there's nothing looming and we can just have fun.

And since I haven't done anything but work for the last week, tell me, how are you guys?


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

So, I know we just saw you a couple of months ago, but are you going to be in Savannah MLK weekend? We are! We would love to meet for a meal if you have the time ...

Brett said...

Are you getting tired of my barrage of comments yet? :-)

I was just thinking as I read this how I admire how much you use your brain. Sound weird? Yeah, I know. But I need to use my brain a little more. Academically, I mean. I'll find a way, I'm sure. But writing in my journal helps. And my sister recommended a few good informative and interesting podcasts that I think I'll try to start listening to. Anyway, good job.