Sunday Morning

on 20 September 2010

We don't go to church until late in the afternoon.

It makes Sunday mornings problematic.  Some Sundays look like this:

We lounge in pajamas.  We hang out.  The Boy imports cars on to my desk.  We sip some fizzy drinks and chat.

Other Sunday mornings look like this:

We can't seem to get motivated beyond the Bed.  We attempt to get up and get going and yet, we collapse back down.  The Cats seem to have their own gravitational force and we are not quite strong enough to escape from it.

And still other Sundays look a lot like this:

A father-son jam in the bedroom floor.

As for my Sunday mornings?  I make breakfast and hang with the band.


Cel and JP said...

He plays the guitar? I had no idea. We could've jammed! well.....he could've jammed and I could've played percussion on my guitar because I am that out of practice.

Heidi said...

They all sound like perfect Sunday mornings to me!