He's coming to get YOU

on 26 February 2010

My child is hilarious.

I just thought you'd all want to know.

What's he doing that's particularly hilarious?  Oh, I'm so glad you asked!

If you happen to be visiting Burnstopia.  And you happen to be eating anything that he thinks might be particularly good (as in, it's different from what he's eating and therefore exponentially BETTER), you may be confronted with Himself.  The Boy.  Mouth open as WIDE as it can open.  All of those pearly white chompers glinting back at you.  He doesn't speak.  There is no, "Bite?" or "Some?"  There is only that great open MAW following you where ever you may go with your little whatever it may be that is so delicious.  And he will persist in this posture until the mutely requested portion is deposited in that ever-open deposit box of a mouth.

One thing is certain.  I have to get photographic evidence of this...