Behold the Power of Pie

on 02 December 2009

We had such a great weekend, y'all.

My folks came down on Wednesday to play with the Boy and to help me bake.  We made the 4 pie crusts for 3 pies and my mom started the buttery crescent rolls.  I also made up a batch of ginger cookies for my sister-in-law.

Thursday dawned bright and early with the Boy wide awake and ready for GRANDMA.  We got up and cleaned up and began putting together the last pie--Butterscotch Cream.  Now, I don't abide giving children a lot of sugar.  I think it's unreasonable to expect children to obey well when they're hopped up on kiddie cocaine, so we seriously limit the refined sugar the Boy gets.  But it's Thanksgiving and there were lots of extra hands, so I figured if he wanted to help is Mama lick out the residual butterscotch cream from the pot, well then, let's have at it.

Little did I know.

I gave him the spoon I stirred with, and I took the spatula.  As soon as he saw me with the spatula he wanted that TOO.  For the CREAM!  It was so sweet and caramelly and delicious!  GimmeGimmeGimme!

(Please excuse my hair, I hadn't blow dried it for the day...also, I'm growing it out a's a HOLIDAY!  I'm allowed to have funky hair!)

I finally surrendered the spoon and the spatula to my heavenly child and he proceeded to lick and slurp on both until the spoon and the spatula were clean and he was COVERED in butterscotch.  At which point I made the mistake of trying to take both spoon and spatula away from him.

This was his reaction:

Um.  My child is OFF the FLOOR.  And SCREAMING.  He wanted those utensils and he was NOT relinquishing them without a fight.  He was MAD.  And when I finally wrenched them away from him, he proceeded to have an inconsolable melt down.

Poor kid.  He had to settle for ACTUAL pie after dinner.


the MuLLinS said...

BAhahahahaha, that. is. awesome!!! I LOVE a stubborn toddler. When they're not mine especially ;)

Sarah said...

The second picture CRACKS ME UP!!! Oh, the trials of childhood. (Actual pie! How dare you!?!?!)

Amy said...

The picture of him dangling is fabulous!!