Angel of Grief

on 17 September 2009

In response to a comment by Erin P.

The statue in the right hand corner is known as the Angel of Grief. I found the image in a random google image search, but you can find out about the monument here.

I love it particularly because it reminds me of a passage from the History of Love by Nichole Krauss, which is a truly excellent novel that everyone should read if they get a chance, and then they should reread it because it is that good.

Here is the passage:

"HOW ANGELS SLEEP: they don't dream. For this reason, they have one less thing to talk about. In a backward way, when they wake up they feel as if there is something they are forgetting to tell each other. There is a disagreement among the angels as to whether this is a result of something vestigial, or whether it is the result of the empathy they feel for the Living, so powerful it sometimes makes them weep."


Whimsy said...

I love your image, my friend. And I love the story that goes along with it. So beautiful.