DANGER: Crazy up ahead

on 09 September 2009

First, I would like to invite the ENTIRE INTERNET to wish my mom a very happy birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!


Do you ever have those moments where you stop and think to yourself--"huh. I am actually pretty content. Right here, in this moment, I like my life."? And then in the very next moment you think of something absolutely pants-on-head INSANE?

Like, "Gee. I am actually pretty content. Right here, in this moment, I like my life."

... ... ... ... ...

"Maybe we should have another baby!"

And then sirens start to go off inside your head because CLEARLY you are INSANE. Some where, some how between perfectly content and this moment right here, you have lost whatever remnant of sanity you had left and have leapt gleefully right off the edge.

There are some people who are not making this particular brand of insanity any easier. I am talking to YOU.

Fortunately it takes two people to make a baby and at least one of us is relatively sane. For the moment. The long weekend and the Boy working his voodoo magic, may have made a dent in that sanity, but nothing that Chris isn't strong enough to overcome.

And for the brave and stalwart few who don't feel that this is the least bit insane, let me tell you this: I am on your side. I love my boy with a love that I think, if it all fell to him, would smother him entirely. It's best we have another sweet and delicious baby and spread that love around a bit in the hopes of making it through the other side all intact and alive.

It's Chris you all have to convince.


Emily said...

Remind him how much he loved little Anna... :)

Sibley Saga .... said...

I was wondering how long it would take before this particular brand of madness would strike. Hee. Am totally smiling from ear to ear.

The boy needs a sibling. It would be great if they were somewhat closer in age. Built in playmates.

Katrina said...

I think I will email you my thoughts on this particular manner. See ya in gmail.

Whimsy said...

Happy Birthday, Mama S!

And this: I'm so happy that you feel good and content--- especially considering your worries for this move. The fact that you feel good right now, in the time, isn't just about your family and husband and baby --- it's about YOU feeling good. And that makes ME feel good for you.

As for Baby Burns v2.0--- I support you and love you. I will hope for those things that you hope for.

But for the record? You ARE a wee bit crazy.

Dianna said...

This exact post could have appeared on my blog a year ago. Paul is now 2 weeks old. Insane and crazy are two words I would use to describe it all.

Karen said...

I love you to death, M. But you ARE insane!!

parkingathome said...

apologies about that....just remember that at this moment i'm jiggling his screaming little body and you'll be ok