There's a Reason for 2

on 31 August 2009

We spent Saturday in Savannah. It was pretty fun, actually, I went to Barnes and Nobles with the Boy--as in, if I have to read the Very Hungry Caterpillar one more time I'm going to poke my eye out for variation. We got to see the family, we got to eat at Vinnies, we drove around Isle of Hope, we ate chewy chocolate cookies, the Boy played with his dad and his paw-paw--it was awesome.

We got home very late according to the Boy and I was reminded yet again why families are best when there are two parents.

The Boy usually goes to bed by 6 every night (for further information please read Happy Child, Healthy Sleep Habits) but we didn't even get home until 6:30 and it became a mad dash to get the Boy to bed so that we could save our Sunday. Chris started the bath, I was putting things away and pulling out pajamas and a night diaper, making up a warm bottle, dimming lights and quieting the apartment. Chris stripped the Boy and cleaned out diapers and played and splashed with the Boy.

In the midst of bottle warming I hear a ruckus. I head to the bathroom where the water is draining and there are floaties. Poopy floaties. I head in to our bathroom and get the shower going, Chris carries the dripping Boy in and places him in the shower. The Boy is cracking up laughing--not only does he feel much better but he gets a shower! He almost never gets a shower! Chris pulls down the bleachy chemicals to clean the tub and bleach the bath toys, I grab the Boy's soap and suds him up, rinse him off, towel him dry and get started getting him dressed. Chris finishes up in the bathroom and comes to kiss goodnight. We have a dark, quiet rock in the rocking chair and he goes down in his crib with his blanket and his Monte bear and I say a quiet prayer of thanks.

Thanks for a good husband.
Thanks for a sense of humor.
Thanks for a team effort.
Thanks for the healthy Boy who more and more often goes with the flow.
Thanks for bedtime at last.


Whimsy said...

This is so incredibly sweet. I love that you two have each other. And that the Boy has both of you.

Sarah said...


Tori said...

Ooh la la, Savannah! That's where I have to go nowadays if I want to see any sort of civilization! Good thing it's only 45 minutes away!

We had the poop in the tub just last week. And she had smooshed it into the bottom of the tub and I had to clean it out. Gag-worthy. :P

Kristi B said...

Poop in the tub. Been there and done that, three times already with our 2 year old. But.... he likes to grab it and throw it across the room. UGH!!! I am laughing now, but cursing and vomiting when it happened. Our boys must be related. Will we survive the JOYS of Motherhood?