on 02 September 2009

Blog Babies, I have an announcement to make.

Are you ready?

Are you curious?

How about now?

For the record, I am officially, completely, NORMAL. I am not odd, eccentric, weird, bizarre, abnormal, crazy, or impaired in any way. I am completely normal...FOR AN INTROVERT.

My sister told me to get this book:

And lo, she has described me as a completely normal introvert living in a completely extroverted world.

I can't tell you how relieved I am!

And for those of you who can't get enough M--I'm sort of on the extreme end of introvertyness. Which explains a lot, really.

The interesting thing is, as I read it and as I think about it, and as I remember junior high and high school, I find myself a bit more at peace with it. I had a miserable adolescence, but seeing it now, understanding that at least some of the misery was due to my own introversion, I can stop beating myself up about freezing when called on, about inconsistent performance and one awkward situation right after another.

And when facing the up-coming dinner with Chris' boss and his wife (strangers! small talk! and FOOD! it's a recipe for M-disaster!), I have some tricks that I can do to prepare myself for it and to store up some mental energy. I am almost, almost (but not quite) looking forward to it.

Thank you, Sherry! You're the best!


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Erin P said...

Hmmm. I'm really glad you got it, and there are things you can do to give you strength. How about this one: I am actually an extrovert, raised by a father (who controlled everything) who was akin to a hermit. No visitors, no friends, no social upbringing. For years I was confused about how to handle anything, and miserable. I thought alone was good. Then, I took some big test and found out that I need to be around people--to interact with others--to gain energy, feel good, and contribute to creativity. How screwed up is that? Geez.

And, thanks for your comment on my blog; I didn't know how to eMail you back directly after the comment was emailed to me...newbie blogger knowledge deficit, I'm sure.

Anyway, maybe we are malcontents, but maybe we're overachievers, or, my considered opinion: the world is so rich and so interesting, we want to take part in everything--and the yearning to do more is just for a fuller life.

Sweet Sister said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Knowledge really does bring peace and now you know how normal Cameron is!!! We love you and all your introveryness (is this really a word you Lit major??).