Fun Friday: Dos and Don'ts Edition

on 28 August 2009

For Fun Friday, consider the following options:

Do: Go swimming! It's fun! And salty!

DON'T: Go to the DMV. It will take 3 times longer than you think it should, and no matter how cute you were when you left the house, your picture will still look like something from Stalin's gulag files.

Do: Eat popcorn! Watch a short video--your child will think you're awesome!

DON'T: Try to pass of running errands (bank, post office, DMV) as FUN. Your child does not agree. At volume.

Do: Make chocolate chip cookies! The look on your kid's face will make it all the better!

DON'T: Attempt to find the library. Google maps hates YOU. You will not find it. And your kid will NOT be having fun while you drive around LOST.

Cookies and milk, my house, today 3pm if anyone's interested! The cookies are the homemade chocolate chip (my recipe, natch) and the milk is organic and FULL fat. But you and your soy milk are totally welcome too. We have one of those houses where we love just about everyone.


Sibley Saga .... said...

Oh, I'm soooo interested in cookies and milk. : ) I'd be there if I could!!

Whimsy said...

Count me in. I would've come and eaten the cookies and drunk your milk and then made your child laugh.

Tori said...

I had a hard time finding the library here in Hinesville, and then when I walked in, I walked out immediately and almost cried. Not only did it smell AWFUL, but it was TINY! Sad times. :(