Things are getting out of hand...

on 04 September 2009

This is...well, my night table. You can sort of see the lamp shade. See, I had some trouble picking a book after I finished rereading North and South. So I picked up the China Study but I haven't been able to settle in to it. And then I found a call for papers on the web and started reading for a writing project. But then I read an article in the last volume of Persuasions and it was so abysmally BAD that I quickly started researching another writing project as a response to that AWFUL article. But I haven't been able to settle in to either of them, so I started reading this book called Passion by a British writer, Jude Morgan. It's not as tawdry as it sounds, it's the story of three Romantic poets (Shelley, Byron and Keats) told from the perspective of the women in their lives. It's actually pretty interesting, but I got about half way and I was just tired. I wanted something that wouldn't require much of me. But then I felt lazy, so I started reading John Rosemond's book on the Terrible Twos, I'm trying to get a headstart. But at night I wanted something FUN to read, and I was missing Whimsy, so I picked up Sight Hound but every other page makes me CRY and I really needed to not be up all night crying, so I picked up this book called Afterbirth--it's a collection of comical essays about parenthood, but some of the essays are just NOT well written and then I got the Introvert Advantage in the mail and so I started that and it is a REVELATION.

I'm thinking that some of the exhaustion at the end of the day is looking at this PILE on the night table. I'm going to have to shelve some of them in order to focus and FINISH any one of them.

So what's on your night table?


Whimsy said...

Hrm. My nightstand is very similar. In the form of both a nightstand AND a bookshelf nearby. But since I'm not currently home, I have to recite my pile from memory. What I can remember: Stephen Dunn (NOT the dude, but his collected poems, of course); The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Karp; my scriptures; The Solace of Leaving Early-- would be on there but I've got it with me; a huge Primary binder; and at least three other books that are waiting to be read.

Don't stress it. Give the Houston time, but do finish it. It's just so darn lovely.

Sibley Saga .... said...

I have a wierd grouping of books on my night stand. I have A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, A Collection of the works of Jane Austin", Wuthering Heights, London by Edward Rutherford, and my Spanish triple combination. Most of these are by authors long gone by now.