UnValentine's Day

on 14 February 2008

So the alarm went off this morning in Bed Sweet Bed and I hit the snooze.

It went off again. I hit the snooze again.

It went off a third time and The Husband got up and I lay there listening to NPR for a minute.

He came back to Bed Sweet Bed and switched on the light and started homework.

I got up. Fed the cats. Took allergy meds. Picked up Leike--aka The BIG one--who howled and I carried her back to Bed Sweet Bed where I pushed her into The Husband's face and said,

"Leike says Happy Valentine's Day!"

The Husband said, "Oh yeah." And went back to doing homework.

Marriage is romantic, no?

The thing is...the Husband is just not that romantic of a MAN. I know. I know. But there are romantic men out there--I'VE HEARD OF THEM! They bring flowers and make fancy dinners and breakfast in bed and...probably other stuff too.

But the Husband, he rubs my back most nights. He sneaks up behind me and hugs me so hard he almost knocks me over. He UNLOADS THE DISHWASHER!!! He balances the checkbook because he knows I HATE it. He loves a good cuddle. Lately he grins and rubs my belly and says, "Hey, Baby! Be nice to Momma!" He reads pregnancy books and refuses to settle on a name NOW because there MIGHT be another name out there! He reads the blog even though he never comments. He's at the most important doctor's appointments. He laughs at my goofy jokes and tries anything I make even when it's not the most appealing thing in the world. He carries the groceries up the stairs and actually has opinions about household management. He read Pride & Prejudice because he knew it was important to me...come to think of it he's also read Our Mutual Friend because I asked him to. He actually knows what I wrote in my thesis even though he has no idea why. On my birthday he tracked down an icee machine because I really wanted one. He sees all the neuroses and he doesn't ask questions, he just lets me do whatever it is that I MUST DO in that moment. He asks me to text message him when I have to ride the bus home so that he doesn't worry.

He never shouts or hits or calls names. He never pushes my buttons. He never hits emotionally below the belt. He's not passive-aggressive, and he never plays games. He knows the worst things about me and he loves me anyway. He never ever leaves me.

There won't be flowers or candy or mood lighting or cards and romantic dinners...but there will be HIM and in the end, there's nothing better than that.


Whimsy said...

So many times we forget that our husbands might not be what we **want** (at least, not all the time) but they are what we **need**. I'm so glad the Grumpicus is this for you (HELLO TO THE HUSBAND - I SAY THIS WITH LOVE IN MY HEART).

And for you, my friend: Happy Made-Up Romantic Holiday.

the MuLLinS said...

Melissa! What a great post. All day I have been wondering if Evan is going to remember to stop on his way home and get me some chocolate or flowers, but you just helped me take a step back and realize that it doesn't matter. Thanks so much, I totally needed that!! I love you!!! Happy Valentines Day and say hi to Chris and The Dude for me.

Katrina said...

Hi! I came across your blog by why of the Jones. First, this post is really, really sweet. Second, congrats on the baby! I am pregnant too... just about 16 weeks now.

~SH~ said...

How sweet!! Very well said - and the best part is that it's the truth. :)