The Battle of February

on 04 March 2013

Why does February suck?  The whole's just 4 weeks of bleh.  What's the deal with that? 

I used to think it was Chris' fault, because of his Annual Funk.  But this year, he decided to forgo the Funk and February was miserable anyway, so apparently, it's not his fault after all.

This year, I had to completely revamp the kids' schedule/routine because my children MUTINIED against rest time.  The Boy was playing with the Girl rather than napping himself, which was naturally keeping her awake and gifting me with two indescribably FOUL children all afternoon.  By the time I figured it out, I was seriously thinking about running away from home.  The good news is, after a week of experimentation, we've worked out a new pattern that works brilliantly.  The Girl sleeps for 2+ hours every afternoon, and the Boy insists he does not need a nap and will happily read books during rest time and go to bed early and then passes out for at least an hour every day.  It's lovely.  The kids both get the sleep they need, and I don't have to run away from home.  Win-Win!

We also found out that our apartment complex is raising our rent, so we restarted the house hunt.  This time we have a fixed deadline, so I think we're more determined.  We also have a different realtor.  I'm going out to look at the first round of houses all on my lonesome today (pray for us sinners) and hopefully, we'll both love one of these houses so we can start the Everest of paperwork by the end of this month.

My Girl has been cutting four teeth at once, because getting them one at a time is just so inefficient!  She's still not walking on her own, she's cruising  around all the furniture, and laughing maniacally while she does it.  It's just a matter of time...

My Boy is testing boundaries and my patience.  Hopefully, by the time he realizes that Mama really does mean what she says, we'll still love each other.  In the meantime, we have been reading A LOT and I have to say, it's the best part of my day.

I finished my first, and experimental, pair of knee-high socks.  Now I know what I need to do differently.  I have to say, though, they are the coziest things EVER.  Like warm, wooly, shin guards against COLD.  We did our taxes and I had a freelance project (yes, all of this happened in the last month...we've been busy) so I put in a large amazon order and bought all of these amazing knitting books, which taken singly are wonderful and inspirational, but taken together only served to prove to me that I am just TINKERING with this craft and know little more than nothing at all. 

I started a sweater for Chris for Christmas.  It's hard.  It's cabled.  Heavily cabled.  And I have, in fact, already ripped out the cuff of the sleeve that I started.  But it's better to correct mistakes than to pretend they never happened.  So I've restarted it and will be more careful in future.  And I keep telling myself that I have 9 months to work on it, tortoise and hare and all that.

I was telling my Mom the other day, I have all of this stuff going 'round and 'round in my head right now, but I'm having trouble forming any of it into coherent stories, so if I don't update much it's not for lack of topics, but maybe for an over abundance.  So for now, I leave you with the most beautiful part of my days...


Brett M said...

I wish I could come look at knitting books with you. That just sounds lovely right now.

And good luck with the house hunt!