Now can we go back to normal?

on 16 January 2013

We're finally ready to close out the holiday season in these parts. 

They generally last from Thanksgiving through my Birthday, but this year we added on Chris' extended family's After Christmas Party.  We spent the last weekend down in Savannah.  It was 77 degrees and sunny all weekend long.  In JANUARY.  The only clothes I had packed were long sleeved and layered. 

Needless to say, I'm never going to Savannah again without a pair of sandals.

Anyway, it was fun.  We got to see the whole family and everyone was charmed by my children, which always makes me happy.  Chris got to go shooting with his Dad and his brothers, which makes for a happy Chris.  My babies were showered with belated Christmas presents, so my Boy is happy, my girl is oblivious.

We had a familial revelation regarding our little girl.  She is NOT a good traveler.  There's just no excusing her behavior on this trip.  She woke up every two hours all night long, and by "woke up" I mean she screamed hysterically until I got up and rocked her back to sleep.  And she did this EVERY night we were gone.

Needless to say, we weren't sorry we laughed our faces off when we saw her do this...

Grandmama Burns had one of those chairs that you can raise, lower, or recline with a remote control.  Well, my darling girl LOVES remotes, and she got a hold of the one for the chair and pushed and pushed until the chair swept her right off her feet.

Needless to say, she was NOT happy about that.  But since she had been torturing us by night, we felt it was justifiable that we both laughed hysterically at her before rescuing her from her own curiousity.

We take Molly with us since she has this unabashed adoration for my father-in-law, she follows him EVERYWHERE he goes.  It's pretty amusing.  But we left Agnes here.  Don't feel sorry for her, she had the whole run of the apartment without children or the dog.  I'm quite sure she was happy.

I'm also quite sure she was happy when we came home because that first night home, she did this...

And if he hadn't been propped up reading, I'm pretty sure she would have laid right on his face.

And now we're back to normal.  The laundry is caught up, we've moved my Girl into the forward-facing car seat, she's had her 1-year check with accompanying shots, and today I baked 8 loaves of bread.  I'm finishing up the last birthday present that I'm knitting on tonight (I am determined), and then it will just be our lovely normal life until Chris' birthday.

(I'm nearly done with two knitted gifties...I'm totally posting pictures here as soon as their owners receive them!)


Brett M said...

Sorry about your darling girl's lack of sleeping during your trip. The picture of her on the chair really is hilarious. I hope she's back to normal now!

And I'd like to say sorry about the warm weather in Savannah, but when it's barely gotten above freezing at all over the last month here, I just can't bring myself to say it.