In Review

on 04 January 2013

Well, it was sort of expected, wasn't it?

That amid the chaos of the holidays and dogsitting and a freelance project, that some balls would drop?  Right?  And as much as I love you all, this blog is pretty low on the priority list since it doesn't DIE if I don't feed it regularly.

But now that the holidays are over and the dust is settling from the Girl's first birthday, I'm starting to surface again.  I was thinking about all the cool things that I need to tell you, or show you in some cases--knitting projects that I've finished and am quite proud of.  But to do that I'd actually have to take pictures of the said projects and since it's been chilly here, we're busy wearin' 'em.

How about I tell you about the 3rd Annual Burnstopia Christmas Eve party instead?

It was lovely, really lovely.  I was very stressed out the Sunday before, just feeling really overwhelmed by everything and a bit bummed because I live with the Grinch.  Or Ebeneezer Scrooge, take your pick.  Chris doesn't get excited about Christmas until the Christmas eve party is in full swing.  But my Prince, he pulled himself up by some deeply buried Christmas cheer on Christmas eve morning and he cleaned and cooked and laundered like a Champ.

My family all came down, including my nephew who has been serving a mission in Denmark for the past 2 years, and my 96 year old Grandmother.  There were NABS in abundance...

Chris' favorite contribution (and my brother-in-law's and my nephew's) were these homemade jalapeno poppers. 

Here's the main spread:  chicken nuggets, bruchetta, shrimp, my favorite marinated veggies, chips and salsa, assorted cheese (and gluten free crackers for my niece) and a very yummy cheese ball.

And finally we come to the desserts:  mini-cheesecakes made by my mom, Sherry's pecan tassies which I SWEAR she puts crack in (I actually teared up when I ate the last one because I knew there would be no more until next Christmas) and Sherry's cherry blossoms (those are the pink cookie, they are basically butter and sugar and almond flavoring with a chocolate kiss and when they're warm from the oven there is nothing better on the planet.  Except for the aforementioned Pecan Tassies).  Not pictured:  the homemade caramels that my Mom made for me and my sisters.  I'm HOARDING those.  I occasionally ration one out to Christopher, but that's only when I'm feeling particularly benevolent.

We ate and talked and laughed.  It was rowdy and crowded, but I love looking around my small living room and seeing so many people that I love in that one small space.  We passed the Girl around and I took pictures of her with everyone, because every child in the world should be loved the way that she and the Boy are loved.

My Dad read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and the kids opened presents from Nana and my Grandma.  It was far from perfect, but just exactly what a Christmas celebration should be.


Cel and JP said...

How fun! It's the coolest thing that your kiddos get to know their extended family.