on 08 January 2013

This is your little Winter Parade.  Of finished knitting projects!

First up:  Chris' Christmas socks.  I tried 2 different color work patterns and neither of them wanted to be knit (some day I shall have to tell you all my theory about projects and their own mystical desires to be knit or NOT, but not today), so I switched to cables, and lo, these really wanted to be knit and adorn the feet of the man I love.  They turned out beautifully, I'm really pleased with them.

Next up:  Mittens!  Chris and I divide and conquer when we're taking care of Hogan, and as Chris works evenings and puts Hogan to bed at night, I take the early morning shift.  And most days I don't mind, but the mornings have been very, very cold (nothing as bitter as it is out west, but still!) and my hands ache by the end of the walk.  After the last round (in October) I thought, "M, surely there's something we can do about this."  And then I thought, "Wait a minute!  I know how to KNIT!  There IS something I can do about this!"  And I sat down, picked a pattern and knit these lovely little mitts up.  I sized the pattern down since I have teeny little hands and they're still a bit on the big side, but they do their job so well, I might just take to knitting myself a new pair of mittens every winter!

You've seen the Gox Box Socks, but have you seen my Boy's elfin hat?!  I thought it might be a fun tradition for everyone in the family to have something wooly and handknitted under the Christmas tree, and since I was feverishly working on my Girl's birthday dress, I didn't have much time.  So I knitted up this little hat for my Boy in a couple of days.  He quested RED, Mama!  RED!  And I complied.  It still needs a button, but I'm getting there.

And last but not least, I give you My Girl's Birthday Dress.  One day in September she and I went down to one of our local yarn shops and I gave her the choice of color and this chalky lavender is what she picked out.  The pattern was incredibly simple and lovely with the yarn, but so plain that I thought, "This needs something..." and when I hit upon bloomers it was a stroke of brilliance!  The bloomers are knit from the leftovers of the yarn I knit into her first sweater/hat combination.  They're not a proper wooly diaper cover, but they are stinking cute!

Ok,  I tried to get a picture of my Girl in the dress, but she wouldn't hold still.  I'll keep trying and post it later.  Rest assured she is beyond adorable in it.


Brett M said...

HO-LEE-COW you are AWESOME. These are just beautiful. One of these days I'll get the hang of crocheting, and knitting too. These are just so great.

Krista Mullins said...

Ok, completely amazed at you! What a woman!