Gox Box Socks

on 26 October 2012

You've read One Fish, Two Fish right?  It's a classic, so I'm assuming everyone has read it at some point.

The Boy loves it, and he goes through these phases where he wants to read the same book over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.  Back in the Spring it was all One Fish, Two Fish all the time, and he asked if we could find him some Gox Box Socks.  And I thought, "Hey, that's fun!  I bet I could just MAKE those."

So I picked up some yellow wool and my sticks and I knitted them up in a week.  I had put them away, thinking that I would save them and give them to him for Christmas, but he's been growing so fast lately that I want him to be able to wear them before they're too small.  And since he thinks they're magical (they make him brave when he wears them), I thought I would take some pictures and hopefully give y'all a smile.

They're so bright and cheerful and fun and he loves them so much, that now I'm feeling twitchy and I want to go to the yarn shop and buy up a bunch more brightly colored yarn to whip out more super fun socks.

It was flu shot day, so he was having a cuddle with Agnes and his woobie.  He actually freaked out at the shot, which he's never done before, so we all needed some down time to recover.


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

I LOVE One Fish, Two Fish, and I love the Gox Box Socks! Here's hoping the recovery goes smoothly for everyone.

Sending love. :)

Brett said...

Oh my, those socks are just SO awesome. I love it. I'm impressed that you whipped them up in a week. You go girl! And how great that they make him brave. I think I need some socks like that!

Cel and JP said...

Amazing. You are amazing.