Burnstopia VOTES

on 06 November 2012

I voted!

So did Chris!

And...the Boy?

We went and voted as a family this morning, and there were some school kids running a little voting booth for children, so the Boy picked up his ballot and I explained to him the candidates and who Mama and Daddy favored and why and he voted.  It was every bit as adorable as it sounds.

(It got me thinking about 4 years ago.)

Look at how small and squishy he used to be!  And yeah, now that I look at it, I'm reminded of another very squishy person in our lives...

(She wanted to vote too, but instead of casting her ballot, she wanted to EAT her ballot.  And your vote doesn't count if you eat it!)


Cel and JP said...

That is so smart to have a voting booth for kids. One or more of my babies always ends up in tow with me when I go and it would be so nice to have something that would be educational and fun for them, too.

Brett said...

What a fantastic idea! Wish our polling location would have had that this morning. Woulda made it much more fun for J & E.