A Flannel Mountain

on 08 October 2012

You know, Necessity really IS the Mother of Invention.

I was outfitting the Boy last month and I ran into problems when it came to pajamas.  Here's the problem...the Boy LOATHES blankets.  He says that "the blanket makes my FEET hot, Mama."  But what I really suspect is that he can't move as freely as he likes when he's asleep.  So, his pajamas need to be first, WARM.  Second, they need to be soft.  That's more for me than for him, I refuse to dress my children in colors or textures I wouldn't wear myself (were I blessed with their coloring), so most synthetic fabrics are out.  Third, (and this one is also for me) they need to be...not-covered-in-characters, so no Spider man, no Captain America, not even Thomas the Tank Engine.  I just wanted plain!  And Warm!  And soft!  But such pajamas are rarely found, and when found are considerably MORE expensive than I was willing to pay for them.

So after stewing about it for a couple of days, I hunted up a pajama pattern I bought 3 years ago with the intention of sewing up some pants for him when he was still my small and precious baby.  After looking at the pattern I felt decidedly more determined, so I headed to Joanns.

Then I spent every single day at Joanns for a WEEK.

Here's the problem.  I bought a bunch of flannel for the boy, washed it up and cut out the legs and Chris was looking at it and said, "Wow, that's really cute.  How much did you pay for all of this."  The flannel at the time was 50% off, so the amount was not very much at all and he said, "Why are we NOT doing this for the Girl too?!"  So I had to keep going BACK to Joanns to buy flannel for the Girl.  Then elastic for the waistbands.  Then THREAD.  It was crazy.

Then I got all kinds of sidetracked with a trip to Savannah and the start of school with the Boy, so they were partially sewn and pinned and waiting.  Well, a couple of  weeks ago I finally finished them...

The results?

It is now almost impossible to get these children to put on actual CLOTHES.

Clarification:  It's impossible to get them OUT of their pajamas in the morning.  They live in the pajamas, which is nice and sweet, but you know, people start to look at you funny when you're children never get out of baggy flannel pajamas.


Brett said...

Oh, man. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? Don't worry. I'm sure when they come around to be clothed again, they will LOVE them. Good for you for making it happen amidst serious opposition!

Brett said...

PS> My comment moderation word for the above comment was "yourseam" - haha - that seems fitting - haha again... okay, I'll stop. Love you!

Cel and JP said...

It's hard to get my kids out of their jammies and into clothes, too. In fact, a favorite tradition has been a "jammie ride," which as it sounds, is when the girls get to go for a ride in their pajamas - normally somewhere we're not planning them to get out of the car or to see family in the evening. I must not have the right type of jammies because I definitely don't have the desire to live in mine... now yoga pants and Jonathan's t shirts? that's a different story :)