What do you do?

on 26 October 2012

Do you ever have those days?

You know the ones.  The ones where you make all of these plans for greatness and then everything goes off.  Not horribly, catastrophically wrong, just...not according to plan either.  So while it's not quite a BAD day, it's a disappointing day.

For some reason, I can deal with the horrible, catastrophically bad days.  I have trouble with the plain, boring, dull, annoying disappointing days.

And today is one of them.

It's just a day, but it's making me want to QUIT absolutely everything.

I tried to shrink my sweater a bit in the laundry, and what I was aiming for was shrinking in the WIDTH, the body, but maintaining the LENGTH.  Having never shrunk woolen fabric intentionally before, I can say it was a wonderful learning experience, but my sweater is basically ruined.  It shrank.  And now it fits beautifully in the BODY.  But the length!?  I lost a good 4 inches.  In the body and sleeves.  And the extra long sleeves were my favorite part.  So, now I know.  But all of that work...I just want to quit.

And the Boy?  The boy is having  a fun-tastic day, but when we sat down to work on his reading, he just was fidgety and didn't want to try.  And, of course, we TRY any way.  Not wanting to do something is hardly a viable excuse in these parts (I don't want to wipe all of the bums I have to, but I do it any way).  And we haven't been diligent with his read aloud this week and oh man, it really shows.  He just struggled.  I actually do understand this, that some days with homeschooling it's going to be brilliant (like last week when he read 4 books by himself in a row without making any mistakes) and some days are going to be like today.  But since it's coming in company with other disappointing things, I really just want to throw in the towel and lay on my floor and eat chocolate.

And my Girl?  My girl didn't sleep well last night, didn't nap well this morning and has been like a house-a-fire all day long.  And not content to just wreak havoc with harmless things, she is most drawn to sticking her finger in a light socket, pulling enormous books down on her skull, or jamming sharp, pointy objects in her eyes.  (Not that I let her do those things, but that's what she's constantly going for and I constantly have to stop her.)  So I get nothing done if she's down on the floor exploring, or I imprison her in the exersaucer to do frivolous things like wash the dishes or diapers.  There's just no way to win.

And that about sums up my day.  There's just no way to win.  Maybe I should just lay on the floor and eat chocolate.  But I'm curious, what do you do when you have a bit of a day?


Brett said...

Oh I'm so sorry about your sweater. That just makes me sad. Is it possible to add to the body to make it longer?

I'm trying to think of what I do when the day hasn't gone well for me... I think I usually either try to do something productive or semi-productive so that I can end on a positive note (think folding laundry half-heartedly while watching a musical or chick flick or British period drama) OR I cut my losses and go to bed early.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Oh man, I'm no good for positive suggestions. I literally ate half a bag of Dove chocolates yesterday because I've been slammed with what feels like a month of those days.

Sarah Bradley said...

I know all about those days...I had one yesterday. Blech. When I deal with it poorly I waste time online, eat unhealthy things that make me feel yucky and stay up way too late. Some days, however, I'm able to talk some sense into myself and I take a shower or bath and hop into bed with a good book - even if I'm not quite tired yet.

Cel and JP said...

I put the kids to bed early. Really early. And then I spend the extra time trying to regroup. Even if that just means getting the blasted dishes done, or like Brett said, folding laundry to a favorite flick. Because 9 times out of 10, those sweet, angel faces are the ones that are pushing me over.the.edge. I've also taken up journaling again - I went and bought a $2 scrap book and a pack of $2 colored pens and spent General Conference sharpening a pile of colored pencils. So at the end of an especially hard day (and my heart goes out to you, having had several right in a row) I make time to journal, or draw pictures, or doodle or just do something with my hands. Maybe it's my version of knitting? Except my kids certainly can't wear it when I'm done and I guarantee it doesn't make them feel brave.

Rae said...

I hate those days, the I-just-feel-bad-about-everything kind.

I love your yellow socks and I hope that the days have improved.

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