Six short months...

on 03 July 2012

It's only been six months since this Girl came into our life.

She is awesome.  Seriously.  Although, I'm becoming wary about blogging about how wonderful she is because as sure as the sun rises, when I blog about how wonderful she is, she decides to REIGN TERROR down on my head. 

She sits up, sort of.  She's at that stage where she's basically a human weeble-wobble.  She loves her brother, the cats and the dog.  She's still skeptical about her Daddy.

I've been trying a bit of food here and there.  Applesauce, rice cereal, teething crackers.  She's enthusiastic until some actually gets IN her mouth, at which point her gag reflex kicks in and she starts hocking it up.  It would be funny if I hadn't seen her choke two or three times already.  And since the choking is scary, I've put the food thing on hold for a while longer.  She's usually a good nurser, so it's ok.

She's inquisitive and observant and lovely.

And we all love her to pieces.


Cel and JP said...

six months???? really??? wow. congratulations, baby girl on your wonderful developing!