Confusing M

on 08 June 2012

So, Mirish asked what I feel my personal characteristic or trait is that might confusing to my friends.

Let me make you a LIST:

  1. I've been accused of being Fickle.  I felt at the time the accusation was made, and I still do, that it's a poor choice of words.  But I AM changeable.  I don't see myself as having a Fixed Personality.  I'm not DONE.  Consequently, I'm always trying new things, and learning new things and studying different things and I allow myself the luxury to Change as it suits me.
  2. I've also been accused of Selfishness.  I happen to think this is a Human characteristic and not necessarily unique to me.  I do acknowledge that sometimes I'm more selfish than other times.  When I feel like my family is threatened, when we're hunkered down and struggling, I know that I get more selfish and...focused on my immediate family.  This offends some people, so be it.  I'm doing what I feel like I need to do to take care of my God-given duties.
  3. I think Sherry is puzzled how I can be rational and a romantic at the same time.  What can I say?  I'm a puzzle.


Cel and JP said...

wow. I wouldn't describe you as either fickle or selfish. I think you're multifaceted and fiercely loyal. And I love that you're rational and romantic at the same time. I don't think one should have to exist without the other.

Cel and JP said...

oh, and because I'm too lazy to find the original post where we're supposed to put our questions for you to answer, I'm puttin' mine right here. Hope that's a'ight.

All of mine are about food - so you know what phase of pregnancy I'm in - the post-queasy, always starving, ravenous phase. Maybe I'm the only one that goes through this phase...

1. Current favorite easy to fix family dinner
2. Current fancy shmancy thing to make (either by you or Chris)
3. Current favorite treat to whip up - can be easy or involved.
4. All time favorite vegetarian dish (I still daydream about that awesome spinach/tomato/quinoa thing)
5. Strangest thing you've eaten that turned out to be awesome
6. Food or cuisine or recipe you've always wanted to try and why
7. Favorite food country...or genre...what's the word for that? may not publish any of these answers if one of the ills Samwise is experiencing is nausea or food intolerance. that would just be cruel of me to request.