Anatomy of a Winter Girl

on 11 January 2012

So, Sarah asked an interesting question in the comments...namely, "What color is her HAIR?"

Chris posted pictures of her on his Facebook page and a friend of mine from my last job asked, "When does M get to have a child that looks like HER?"

I cracked up laughing at that.  There is a strong resemblance between the Girl and her Daddy, but really no more than between the Boy and his Daddy.  She has a lot of darkish hair now, but her eyelashes and eyebrows are strawberry blond, so Chris and I both have a strong hope that when her newborn hair falls out, her hair will grow back in as strawberry blond or red.  Right after her bath it's all wavy and frizzy, but the next day it's totally straight, so we're also hoping that it will grow in curly.  She has my brother's wrinkly ears, and her brother's mouth.  She also has her brother's enormous feet, but her own teeny tiny hands--and I mean they are TEENY TINY.

At a week old, she seems to have grown back to her birth weight, which is a relief to this Mama who struggled to breastfeed her brother.  It's going a lot better this time around.  I suppose that's the blessing of subsequent siblings, the things you know you messed up on the first go around, you can fix and do better.

I am much relieved to be done with gestational diabetes and back to my normal grain-rich diet.  The Boy loves his baby sister, and is enjoying the run of the house.  We're in full survival mode right now, which generally means that toys get left out, too much television is watched and snack foods become entire meals.  I'm hoping that in the next week or so, my body will bounce back enough for me to go back to running my usual tight pains me to see it in so much chaos, but it must be for right now.  I have no pretenses to being a superwoman.


Brett said...

I'm so glad you posted this because I've been wondering what color her hair is too! Fingers crossed for red at some point!! And I'm glad the breastfeeding is going better. Thank goodness.

PS> Will hopefully have your baby and birthday package in the mail this week. I hope she doesn't grow too quickly between now and the time it arrives! :-)

PPS> I'm reading a book right now that if you haven't read, you must. Just so you know. Will tell you about it later...

I'll let you go back to surviving now.