Lessons from the Girl

on 11 January 2012

One of the things I learned with the Boy:

You really CAN have too many blankets.

When I was pregnant with the Boy I made 9, count them NINE different flannel blankets.  My Mom made 5-6 swaddling weight blankets, and then we were given 2-3 more.  For a grand total of...let's just round up and say 20 in case I'm missing some in my mental calculation.

We NEVER used that many.  My boy took to his woobie almost from day ONE...we have pictures of him wrapped up and contented in his woobie going back to his first month of life on Earth.  He would tolerate the other blankets for swaddling and to play on, but nothing, NOTHING made him happy like his one true woobie.


One of the things I've learned from the Girl:

You really CAN'T have too many blankets.

This time around I made ZERO blankets for my girl.  My mom made, oh, probably 6-8 blankets, mostly swaddling weight (because that's what we used the most), but a couple that are nice double weight blankets for my winter girl.  A lovely woman at church knitted up 2 delightful baby afghans for her bringing our total to 10.  TEN blankets.

We use them for swaddling, but also to cover her changing table so it's a soft, cozy feeling rather than cold plastic that we're laying her down on.  And in the first FOUR DAYS at home she managed to pee or poop on, I am not exaggerating here, FIVE of the ten blankets.  HALF of them in FOUR days.

If I hadn't sworn that I wasn't leaving the house for the month of January, I'd be sorely tempted to get myself to Joanns and make up a few more blankets...apparently, we're going to need them.


Sarah said...

Hang in there! I'm almost done with mine and I'll get it down there ASAP! Hey, what color hair does she have? Is it crazy that I was thinking about her ginger potential when I was picking out fabric? I love you (all of you!) so much!

SV said...

I have blankets leftover that I can bring you if I want. I am also happy to go to JoAnns for you if you want me to. We are just waiting to come to insure that Joshua's ear infection is really swimmers ear - which I am 98% sure it is- and not something else. Not that I think he is contagious but you can never be too careful with a winter baby!!!!

Cel and JP said...

I know this wasn't a solicitation post, by I too, have a blanket for little miss that is on its way. I wanted to wait until all the germs were 100% out of my house so I could have it washed up and sent to you pristine and ready for snuggling. But the contrast between your two children's blanket habits really is hilarious.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

I'm also willing to go to JoAnns for you! Henry was more like The Boy with blankets; it will be interesting to see how much is personality or the time of year they were born or the difference in parenting the first vs. the second.

Congratulations again!