7...it's not the magic number

on 03 December 2007

Ok. So Whimsy asked me to do this...and I did try when she first did her version of the 7 Weird or Random things about her...but everything I wrote just seemed so normal and boring and Whimsy is so cool that I couldn't possibly compete so I chickened out. Here I am again...trying to come up with 7 truly Weird or Random things about me...here I go:

1. (GAH! It's already starting! I'm blanking again! Somebody call the Husband! He's the expert on my weirdness not me!) I am a creature of habit. Everyone says that but I really am. I do the exact same things in the exact same order every morning and every night. I get up. I feed the cats. I pour a glass of something fizzy (I like carbonation in the morning, I don't know why). I take my allergy meds (and yes, my Doctor gave me the all clear to take them while knocked up). I clean out the cat box (and yes, my Doctor gave me the all clear to resume this lovely activity while knocked up). I get in the shower. I wake up the Husband. I get dressed including shoes. I do skin care. When the Husband gets in the shower, I do my hair. I put on make up. I pack up stuff to take to work. I eat breakfast (read during breakfast). I put on coat. I walk out the door. Every morning. Exact order. If the Husband is late getting in the shower I have to poke around until he does because I can't do my hair until he's in the shower. In the evening it's the same shtick.

2. I have multiple copies of the same book. Whimsy! This is humiliating! I have my reasons though! Some are different editions. For example. I have 4 copies of all of Jane Austen's novels. Why? I have the Oxford edition because it's the one you have to cite from if you want to publish and I was published so there! I have the Norton critical editions because it gives a good smattering of the popular criticism about that given novel. I have a 6 in 1 edition which I bought to travel for when I can't decide what book to take (and I can always decide so really this edition is just taking up space...) and I have the mass market paperbacks for when I'm sick and stuck in bed and don't want to be hefting a big ol' book. SEE! It makes sense! Sort of. Some of the multiple editions are different translations...which also makes sense...but maybe only to me.

3. I hate having my picture taken. I know. Many people will also say this about themselves, but by HATE I mean HATEWITHTHEFIREOFATHOUSANDSUNS. HATE like native islanders who think the camera will steal their souls. As in, when I was a teenager I destroyed most of my childhood pictures because I hated seeing myself on a piece of paper. It gives me the heeby-jeebies. I tend to duck out of most pictures and if I can't then I tend to destroy the evidence afterwards.

4. I have red, naturally curly hair. You can't tell me this isn't weird or random because I have to do something with it. Every day.

5. I love a list. I have been known to put things that I've already done on a To Do list just so that I can have the pleasure of scratching them off. I love it. I know. Somebody call the psych ward.

6. I hate clutter. Including work sitting on my desk. Everything has to be put away or I can't concentrate. Our apartment is positively institutional. There are NO knick-knacky crap things lying around--I can't stand them! Not even pictures...they have to be hung up on the wall or not at all. And we don't have house plants because I can't seem to keep them alive.

7. I hate things tight around my throat. No turtlenecks, chokers, bands, anything. I can't stand it. Same with wrists or fingers...if my rings are too tight, they come off...I can't wear a watch because it's too constricting and my watch is loose.

There. I did it! And I successfully avoided all food related weirdness. I could probably do a whole series of memes about food related oddities but it hits a bit too close to home and at some point my family may read this and I don't want them disgruntled for bringing up private things in a public sphere. Man that was hard. Next up, I want Tessie to do this one, and also Sarah B. and Chantelle!


Tess said...

This meme is EVERYWHERE, but surprisingly I haven't been tagged yet. I'll have to come up with something NEW I guess I've already revealed some of the truly weird stuff about myself.

I do the list thing too. And add items I've already done only to cross them off.

Whimsy said...

Yay for 7 random things! A couple more I could add for you:

- the Gollum dance
- your allergic reaction to Aleve, and yet you still take it (or took it, prior to Le Petit Pit)
- in your TV watching days, the marathon phone/tv watching we would do. REMEMBER HANK????

I'll keep the rest private. Good fodder for future blackmail.

The Wife said...

Yes. Okay. I do the Gollum dance from LOTR:TT when he has the internal argument and gets rid of his alternate personality and then he dances and it's hilarious...and so when I'm particularly excited (i.e. when my best friend tells me that she's pregnant...ahem...WHIMSY) I do the Gollum dance. At least I went to the service hallway at work so no one could see me!

And I am allergic to all NSAIDs. I don't take them anymore because the reactions just got worse. My eyes get really itchy and swell shut. Plus, the Husband is a positive nazi when it comes to avoiding things you're allergic too so NSAIDs for me are Forbotten. When I went to the Dr. for the first time with the Pit I told the LNP this and she looked at me and frowned deeply and said, "Oh dear." I'm still not sure how to interpret that.

And no, I cannot particularly handle suspense. Or I cannot handle it well. And thus, when watching TV or some other suspenseful medium I tend to call people. People like Whimsy and she talk me down. I get very nervous on behalf of certain characters.

Who's Hank? Was he on Amazing Race? I actually don't remember him. I have now become one of those people who doesn't have TV--I do not subscribe. We don't *do* cable or dish or anything. We just become vegetables when it's on so we don't have it in the house.

So, yes, I guess there are a lot more odd things about me than I listed...I guess I just thought they were normal. Can it be true that I am the only girl out there doing the Gollum dance?

Whimsy said...

Yes, yes you are the only girl out there doing the Gollum dance.

HANK - from that horrible reality TV dating show (WHY DID WE WATCH IT) where the best friends picked the guy? I have no other recollection from the show except you & I were really in Hank's corner. And he's the one who got the girl - good for him.

Annnnnnnd that's how I apparently spend my time: recounting ill-gotten reality TV shows that don't last longer than a single season and for which NO OTHER PERSON has a memory. This is sad.

The Wife said...

No, my friend.

This is comedy!