Blah blah Thanksgiving blah blah blah

on 26 November 2007

The Husband swears that at some point I promised to learn to like Thanksgiving and he would learn to like Christmas. I have no memory of this conversation and I think he's trying to covertly weasel me. My solution is that I will pretend to like Thanksgiving while trying my darnedest to make him LOVE Christmas.

Thanksgiving in Savannah was all that could be expected. The Husband and I went, wanting only one thing each (for me? NAPS! for the Husband? to shoot guns at orange disks in the country!) That was all. Not too much to ask from a four day weekend. Did we get either of those things? Nope.

Family dinner on Thursday replete with chaos and noise and more food than human beings should be confronted with and yelling--oh dear earth beneath my feet the yelling! and enough people that you could not possibly find 10 minutes alone. I did manage to hide in bed (under a huge mound of covers) for the bulk of Thursday evening. It is a gift. What can I say?

Friday was spent working at the family business (Russell's Trophies and Sporting Goods Store! A Savannah tradition since 1967!). Friday night was dinner with the FIL and then meeting up with Friends of the Husband. Saturday was breakfast with Grand-mama and more working at the store--we're stocking up for Baseball season--followed by pizza (mmmm. Vinnie Van Gogo's) and the longed for, hoped for, pined for bed. Sunday was cleaning up, quick visits, and then traffic. On I-95. For 6 hours. 3 of which were polished off by the howling Agnes. We very nearly left her on the side of the road.

What are we thankful for this year? Home sweet home. Bed sweet bed. Husband sweet husband. And our own space.

It's back to work for me. Back to school for the Husband--please send the man some good vibes, it's his last week of class and next week is finals.

And for those of you still interested we're due July 7th. It was hard not to go through the motions of Thanksgiving with the family without thinking, "Wow. This time next year, we'll have a kid." that's just crazy.

Did you do anything interesting for this weekend? Please share! NOW!


Tess said...

Next year you WILL have a kid! Awesome! At minimum, that should get you out of the retail work, if not the entire weekend. GO PARENTHOOD!

Whimsy said...

I am personally totally stoked for the whole baby-as-personal-excuse thing. Somehow, my relatives with babies mysteriously disappear when it comes time for dish washing, kitchen cleaning, and even the relatively easy table clearing. Let's not mention the added benefit of having baby-as-ice-breaker that is so going to be my lifeline in awkward family/group gatherings. Somehow I believe you, too, will be enjoying some of these perks.

the MuLLinS said...

We went CAMPING!! It was crazy cool and in-law free.... yesssssssss. But don't worry, our Christmas will not be so lucky. Oh the drama...
BUT anyways, Thatcher's birthday is July 10th so I think July 7th is a fine, fine birthday!! They'll be best buds.

Heidi said...

Congratulations! Babies are wonderful and worth it all. :)