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on 31 May 2011

I was checking blogs this morning and there's a popular one that I read and I was feeling slightly annoyed because the blogger doesn't update very often anymore.  I caught myself thinking, "Why doesn't she write more?  What can she be doing?!"

And then I remembered that I too keep a blog, or should I say, "keep"?  And that it has been growing dusty of late.

Sorry about that.

I blame the heat of summer for my intense desire to hibernate right now.  I've sunk to new lows on the Hermit Scale, I don't even open my blinds anymore.    I do not go to parks with the Boy.  We do not even go to the pool, for I am very aware of the fact that I haven't worked out in a long while and my skin has grown white like a vampire's.  I don't cook much, I asked Chris to buy us bread at Costco the last time he was there and he asked if that meant the end of baking season and I declared it was so.

Speaking of Chris, he's been gone all weekend long.  He went down to Savannah for his annual get together with all of his friends at the beach house.  He's on his way home right now.  I think he had a mostly splendid time, but I know that I for sure will be glad when he's home.  For I have missed him.

And the Boy?  He's just grand.  He's started this new thing that is pretty much the sweetest thing in all the world.  When he's doing something that's not nice and I want to deter him without actual punishment (you know, some things want checking but don't warrant actual punishment), I make a very sad face and tell him that it's not nice.  He looks at me and says, "NO MAMA!  NO MAMA SAD!"  And comes up and presses his hands on my face so that the sad face will go away.  It's so cute that the first time he did it, I cried a little.  Anyway, I have declared June 1st the start of our Little School here in Burnstopia.  Which means that I get to spend today working on preparations for the next couple of weeks.

And me?  Well, I've had approximately zero motivation to work on my knitting.  I have instead been re-reading the Lord of the Rings and remembering what a lovely book it is.  It's also making me sorely miss my friends.  Otherwise, we've been doing the usual round of chores and books, church and family and friends.  I'm starting to think that we live in (quite possibly) the spider-iest apartment in all of North Carolina.  Chris and I have been talking about moving again...trying to decide if we have enough saved to try to buy a house, or if we want to do a short-term lease and then try to buy in the Spring.   I would guess that we'll do the latter...for we are very cautious when it comes to signing our life away and I can't imagine that we'll find something we LOVE and actually make the decision to purchase it in the next 5 months.  We're looking, but not seriously.  Not yet.

And now, I shall try to resolve myself to write more, if only so that I can complain about how no one posts regularly anymore!  And here's some gratuitous pictures of my adorable child from this very morning.


Cel and JP said...

I made potato salad over memorial day weekend and I thought of you. I hope you fall in love with summer soon. I was outside last night with my ladies playing in the summer evening cool. it was lovely. but, I am with you. I've felt a bit drained as of late as well. Which is probably why we were outside after dinner yesterday instead of inside finishing the laundry :) :) or making a dent in the pile of sewing projects. sigh. back outside :)