Overheard in Burnstopia

on 01 December 2010

Chris was sorting laundry for me on Monday morning when he came in to where I was working on the computer.

Chris:  So I ordered a book from the library.  It's about being happy.
M (giving him a shocked look):  Are you thinking about trying to be HAPPY?
Chris:  Well, I'm just thinking about it.  I'm going to see what the book says.
M (stunned silence)
Chris:  Well, it's no guarantee, I just want to read the book...
M (hysterical laughter)
Chris:  Don't you want to know what the book is called?
M:  Sure.  Hit me.
Chris:  It was on NPR, it's called Thrive Something Something Something.
M:  Wow.  That's quite a title.  What did they say about it?
Chris:  I don't remember.  But it sounded interesting.
M:  Evidently.