Birthday Meditation

on 16 December 2010

I would like to wish Jane Austen a very happy 235th birthday today.

If I could, I would thank her for 6 classic novels of sheer brilliance.  I would thank her for inspiring countless other writers to create more works of brilliance.  I would thank her for inspiring some pretty decent film makers as well.

And then I would ask her what the heck is up with all the spin-off writers who think they need to complete the 6 novels that she ALREADY completed.  Also, what the heck is up with all the writers writing horror/monster spin-offs of her books?  Yeah, I don't get that.

As for today, I shall spend it listening to some of my favorite film adaptations of her novels and work work working away on a Christmas present for Chris and also some hemming I need to do for me.  It's cold and wet here (sleet, anyone?) so it's the perfect activity for this the 235th birthday of Jane Austen.

Also, I've been thinking about genius a lot lately.  And how it seems that great Gifts require great Sacrifices (think Beethoven being deaf and all...), in and around my work, I might just do some meditating on that.


Brett said...

I TOTALLY don't get the horror spin-offs. And I won't read them, so I'm pretty sure I'll never get it. And, Hi. I'm reading your blog. :-)

Rae said...

I read two of the horror spin-offs. I kind of like them. Shame on me, I know, but I totally do. I thought they were really silly, but as a person who doesn't really like Mr. Darcy, it amused me that Elizabeth Bennet kept trying to kill him.

However, reading her complete works is on my 'thirty before thirty' list this year. I'm in the middle of Northanger Abbey now.

Brett said...

I heard on NPR that today is Beethoven's 240th bday. He's almost exactly 5 years older than JA! Funny. Just wanted to share.

Thinking about going to bed sometime tonight.