3 out of 3 in Burnstopia approve!

on 15 December 2010

Once upon a morning, Christopher woke up and declared,

"I want sweet.  I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed SWEET.  NOW."

So, like any good wife, M asked him,

"Well.  What kind of sweet do you want?  Cookies?"








"I'm out of ideas, man, what kind of sweet do you want?" M, bless her, she was still trying to be a good wife.

After a thoughtful pause, Christopher burst out with, "Rice Krispie TREATS!  Or s'mores bars!"

After laughing at him for this bizarre little whim, we trotted off to ScmalMart for the requisite ingredients.  (We don't keep marshmallows in our pantry.)  And while we were there we had the brilliant idea of having a week long celebration of the cereal bar and trying different kinds of cereal out to determine which is our favorite and thus the BEST cereal bar the world can offer.

So we bought 3 bags of marshmallows, Rice Krispies, Chocolate Cheerios and a box of (NEW!) Cinnamon Chex.  I've been curious about a cinnamon cereal bar for a long time.

Chris made the Rice Krispie treats first.  And they were ok, but not as good as I remember them being back in the days when I was decidedly addicted to the things.  (Those are OTHER stories that require their own posts.)

Next we made the Chocolate Cheerio bars.  Now, Chris wanted me to tell all of you that he is otherwise disgusted by the idea of a chocolate cheerio.  And this is the SECOND time we have made these (I made them once for a family night treat). 

Christopher is too SCARED to try  a cinnamon cereal bar so those didn't happen--besides we had made up our minds after the cheerios.

It's OFFICIAL.  The cereal bar of choice in Burnstopia is the Chocolate Cheerio bar.  The texture is infinitely better than the Rice Krispies, and dude--CHOCOLATE.  They taste like S'MORES.  They are all things wonderful and delicious.  They are just enough to transport you back to your childhood and satiate your craving for SWEET.

We ate them while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  Which the Boy calls, "Cha-cha Bwown!"  It's hilarious.  Go and make them today. 


Brett said...

the same way you make rice krispy treats? Whodathunk.

RT and M said...

Golden Grahams cereal bars are also really good. I was just thinking about them and that reminded me of this post and I thought I'd share.