What we've been up to lately

on 25 August 2010

Chris is job hunting.

The Boy is learning new words and requesting POPPER'S HOUSE!

I have been doing a lot of freelance work which leads me to the following list:

Things I like about Freelancing:

  • The money's good.
  • I get to work in my pajamas if I want to.
  • No one cares if my hair is frizzy.
  • I get to listen to my music without headphones.
  • It's good to use your brain.
  • It's nice to feel like I know what I'm doing.
  • My Boy can play with his cars on the floor next to me while I work.
  • I can take off my bra when it bugs me.
Things I don't like about Freelancing:
  • The work becomes monotonous after a while...which I used to like until I got used to parenthood where you just never know what you're going to get.  Now it's like I have daily ADD where I expect things to be different every single day and when you're editing, that's just not the case.  So boredom becomes an issue.
  • Having to tell the Boy that I can't do something right now because I'm working.
  • The Boy eats by himself, watches TV by himself, plays by himself.  It makes me SAD.
  • Feeling like my time is not my own.
  • Deadline pressures.  I've been out of grad school and away from deadlines for a while, but when you're editing for other grad students their deadlines become your deadlines and the stress!  Oh the stress!  Is awful.  Send chocolate.
  • Feeling like people only like me because I'm helping them (for money) and not because of my effervescent personality.  Not that I mind that much, because dude, the money is good.