Cast on, Cast off

on 16 August 2010


I'm a-coming out of the knitting closet.

For I have finally, FINALLY completed a wearable garment--which is sort of my yard stick for being able to say, "Sure!  I'm a knitter."

Voila.  Chunky wool socks for keeping my Boy's edible tootsies warm.  I finished them up just after we moved in and as soon as they were paired up and off the needles he picked them up and climbed up in my lap and insisted they be put on.  I'm guessing they're pretty warm because he began shedding his clothes fairly soon thereafter, opting for the ever popular look: Diaper and Wool Socks.

Sorry no pictures of that one.  I'd like him to still love me when he's grown.

And now?  I'm working on a funky and colorful pair of cushy wool socks for me and a soft neutral sweater vest for Chris.  I'm hoping to have them all done by the time the cooler weather gets here.  It's all wool that I accumulated before we moved.  Chris was darning some socks last week and digging around in my Bin 'o Yarn and came across this pretty, simple, sort of rustic looking wool and requested that I make him something out of it and since he's NEVER shown any kind of interest in my acquisition of useful skills (baking excepted), I quickly hunted up a pattern and knitted up a swatch.

And yes, I said, Chris was darning some socks.  He's pretty useful himself, my man.  He can take apart the dryer and fix it right up, cure my Ruby Red laptop of a vicious virus, and darn a sock. 

One of my goals for next year is to knit a pair of socks every month--12 for the year.  And given the stuff I've read about what women USED to do--that's totally reasonable.  Besides, socks are a quick bit of work which is perfect for my crafting ADD (I like to start and finish projects quickly, I don't like a lot of crafty stuff just loitering about).

Now, it's your turn (you too, Mona), what are you all working on?


Sibley Saga .... said...

Christmas Presents. I may have a slightly different variation of crafting ADD. I'm making some stuffed toys out of Joe's old jeans and fabric that was left over from my wedding reception. I may show pictures when I'm done.

I may show pics when I'm done.

And then again, I may not.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

A baby. This is a longer term project, but we're expecting to see some results in March.

(Do you forgive me for telling you this way?)

Rae said...

I just finished dying a crop of stained onesies so that they can be reused for this little one.

I'm re-purposing a set of faux pearls that are too large for non-theatrical wear, but were given to me by Ruby Fowler and can ABSOLUTELY NOT be given away into new jewelry for my mother and me.

Because Stinky is a little apprehensive and crafting for a child that is not him, I'm going to sew up a stuffed stegosaurus in the next two weeks so he knows he's still loved.

Who knew there was emotional blackmail in crafting? Not me...

Brett said...

You're much nicer than I am, not taking that picture of Cameron. Jack insisted on wearing Cat's bathing suit today. I didn't let him the first time, but the second time I decided to give it a try. He looked hilarious and I ALMOST took a picture, and if I had, you better believe it would have ended up on the blog.

I'm working on the blog book. Surprise surprise. I'm on p. 72 and we're still in August, so I'm thinking it won't be under 80 pages. But we're making progress... hoping to get to bed before 1:30am.

Katrina said...

I have aspirations to be a knitter. My problem is that it requires two hands and time. Two things which are hard to come by these days. My few precious bits of time with two hands free are usually devoted to something photo related or cleaning.

Also, I only know how to do the basic knit stitch. I started a blanket for Miriam when I was pregnant but didn't get past the border because I haven't taken the time to teach myself how to purl. So sad, I know.

Emily said...

I'm working on finding enough time in the day to do all I have to do! I miss you! You ask as to when I'll be coming back? Who knows. I wish it were tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next month. I miss you.