Digging through the digital files

on 18 August 2010

So July sort of passed by in a blur and here it is the second...no...maybe third week in August?  And I'm just getting around to cleaning off our camera.

I found this picture of my child and it was too funny not to share with y'all.

The unsightly floors and pile of coke don't belong to me.  We were in Savannah at a favorite restaurant establishment called Angel's.  Chris was participating in an INSANE eating challenge--you have to down a pulled-pork sandwich doused in some crazy hot barbecue sauce in 5 minutes.  My man doesn't eat so well when he's nervous or on the spot so naturally he didn't complete the challenge, but I did get this awesome picture of our progeny.

In other Boy news, he's still awesome.  He's funny and smart and charming.  He's not much prone to fits, he's just learned how to say NO but he doesn't say it rudely, it's more of a sing-song (no-no-noooooo) which is just hilarious.  He's developed his own sense of humor which is positively engaging to watch him laugh and find things funny for himself and not because everyone else is laughing.  He still loves for me to sing to him and will wander through the apartment "singing" in imitation of our tunes.  He adores his Nana and Popper and his Daddy but lately, I have become the favorite which is just fine with me.

He calls me Mommy.  Not Mama, which is how Chris and I have always referred to myself with him.  Again, he came up with it on his own.  When he wakes up in the morning, his feet hit the floor and he begins his sing-song/chant of Mommy-Mama-Mommy-Mama-Moomy-Meemee--EAT-EAT-EAT!  It cracks me up.


Sarah said...

How did you know I was more focused on the background??? Not that I can say anything, my floors are usually a wreck these days and I've got a (much smaller!) stash of my own. Thanks so much for your email, I know my response is overdue but it absolutely made my day. You're a fantastic friend.