on 30 August 2010

Will you look at that.

I said to myself, "M, you are going to try to post every other day for the month of August.  You are going to try to get back in the saddle of writing and putting it out there on the internet for the 3 people who still check your blog."

And I did it.

Let's all just take a moment to sit and sip some diet coke and enjoy this moment.

Ok.  We're done.  You can go back to whatever it is you were doing before we shared this little moment.


Katrina said...

well done!

Brett said...

Much more than I can say. At least my blankety-blank Blurb book is done and it came in the mail and it looks beautiful! I'm hoping I can start blogging again next week after I finish this Virtue challenge. I'm nothing if not a procrastinator. :-)