Snow Days

on 29 January 2014

I took some pictures of what Snow Days look like when you home school.

The Girl has been sick all week, so she was stuck inside while Chris and the Boy went out to play.  And since she was so sad that she was missing out, her Daddy made it snow again, just for her.  (How's that for love?)

One of the nice things about the South is that snow is such an inconsistent occurance that when it happens, we really, REALLY love it.  Don't believe me?

Look at that face.  That is the joy of childhood right there.  He played until his hands were bright pink with the cold, he literally rolled and wallowed in the snow like a dog.  In fact, he did BETTER than the dog...

She just got a snowy face.  The Boy was snowy from head to toes!


Annie Rasmussen said...

OK, so you homeschool? AARGH. I needed to know this before I moved so I could have a conversation with you about it! I am in the "under heavy consideration" phase which pretty much means everyone I know is trying to talk me out of it (and that is HARD on the people-pleaser). So if you are ever up to it, please let us converse. You are awesome and I miss you.