Toddler Indignation

on 07 August 2013

It's hard for me to judge which stories are worthy of being blogged.  I'm with the babies all day every day and I see them when they're funny and sad and odd, and so it's hard to tell which moments need to be memorialized.

A couple of weeks ago, or weekends ago I should say.  It was a Saturday and Chris and I were in the kitchen making lunch for the babies.  I don't even remember what we were making now, but it was something hot, which I plated up and set before the Boy and the Girl, and I warned them that it was warm and they needed to BLOW.

The Boy has learned by now, that if it's hot, then he needs to just leave it for a bit.  The Girl, is not so patient as the boy...

So she picked up a handful (so it must have been something like pasta of some sort) and shoved it into her mouth.  Where she promptly realized that it was in fact HOT (Mama is no liar, and the sooner she learns that the happier we'll all be).  She spit the mouthful out, looked at it in her hand and then threw it forcefully (and with no small degree of indignation) back on to her plate.  She then looked at Chris and I (who were appropriately laughing at her) and began to gesticulate wildly while shrieking at us.

She still doesn't speak English yet, and I still understood that PERFECTLY.