Looking for my Mojo

on 29 July 2013

Excuse me, has anyone out there seen my mojo?  Because I really need it back.

It's been a long summer, and it's barely the end of July.  And I'm not sure if it's the heat, or the busy-ness, or just general malaise, but I seem to have lost my Mojo.  That ineffable quality that makes me a comparatively decent wife-mother-sister-daughter-friend-woman.  I find myself hot and tired and grouchy.  To say nothing of dull witted and unimaginative.

The people I live with are reasonably patient, but I need to work up a plan for Burnstopia Academy next year, and I've got Christmas presents I need to make, and Heaven knows my kids and I have all been watching too much television. 

It's why updating here has been sparse.  I have stories to tell, I always have stories to tell, but stories are only as good as the beautiful clothes you dress them in, and it's my mojo that comes up with the clothes for the stories.  With no mojo, there's no writing...something has to be done.

So what's a girl to do?  Where am I to find my missing mojo?  Any suggestions out there?


Brett M said...

I caught up on your recent posts tonight and just loved it. So I don't know what advice to give you, but I encourage you to find your mojo ASAP because there is at least one person who reads your blog as a source of her personal mojo. (Hint: it's me.)

Sibley Saga .... said...

Mooooooojo! Where AAAARRRRE you? I'm looking for mine, too. I'm sure it's hiding around here somewhere.

Joe's been giving me some 'Me' time where I have an hour or so to myself without any kids and even a husband. It's nice to wander around in the world for a bit just by myself. I can go window shopping for ME. I don't have to worry about somebody having a tantrum in the store or pooping or looking at me in dismay or confusion when asked which color he prefers.

Me-dates seem to help a little. I think the next one I get I'm going to go get something to drink and sit some place and read.

RT and M said...

I have been struggling with this too this summer. July and August are usually a little rough for me, but this year has been a little harder. The one thing that has saved me was that for some reason I started planning menus again this month, so at least I don't usually have to decide what we're having for dinner at 5:00 when the kids are already hungry. You could try to come to park days. That helps me a lot because it gets the kids tired and I get to talk to adults who don't whine at me.