It's that time of year, when the world cooks up SALSA

on 23 August 2010

Back at the beginning of July Chris asked me if we were going to make Salsa this year and I laughed at him like a crazy woman.

I reminded him that

  • We currently have no job.  It costs money to make salsa.
  • It's hot.  I don't cope so well in the heat.
  • We were MOVING at the end of July, which is prime Salsa season.
So all of you are not the least bit surprised to hear that last week we purchased 3 boxes of tomatoes, mess of onions and peppers and bottled up 4 batches (or 24 quarts) of Salsa.

I found myself thinking A LOT about the last time we made salsa.  The Boy was barely 4 weeks old.  I was exhausted and hormonal and stressed and trying so hard to be the perfect little new mother and sad.  Sad, sad, sad, that I was failing at that attempt at perfection.

I went back and reread what I had written and hugged and smooched my Boy for being so patient with his Mom.  I said a quick prayer of thanks for tender mercies and learning opportunities and for just plain ol' growing up.

This time around the Boy watched Cars with his Popper and read books with his Nana.  I worked on some funky socks for myself in between batches.  And Chris sliced a chunk out of his thumb.  He's ok.  And luckily he found the chunk of thumb and removed it from the batch of peppers he was chopping so our Salsa remains vegan-licious.