What was it I was forgetting?

on 16 December 2009

It became clear to me, one early morning last week, that I had forgotten to wash the Boy's laundry.

How?  You may ask.

Well, I got him up, changed his diaper and removed his odorous pajamas (between the sweat and the soggy diaper, they smell fresh in the morning).  I was getting him dressed and this was as far as I got:

Poor kid!  We were plum fresh out of clean pants and socks!  We postponed our outing in favor of doing a little laundry and just hanging out.

Fortunately, he's a bit of an exhibitionist.

Look at that.  Not a care in the world for pants.  He's got his snack cup and free run of the apartment.  That's one satisfied little man.

We're off to Athens today, I'll have some Dickens for you tomorrow and I'll try to get some long-distance blogging done for Friday but I can't make any promises.  I haven't seen these women in YEARS!  I haven't met their children!  I haven't seen their houses!  I am totally excited to catch up with them.  And hopefully, I'll have some lovely stories and pictures for you next week.


Amy said...

I know the feeling! Nate even had to wear a dirty pair of socks because I'd neglected to wash whites. I hate washing whites because of ALL.THE.SOCKS! I had to break down last night since no one in the house had clean socks.

Have fun in Athens!