The Week in Review

on 30 March 2015

We're 1 week into having 3 kids and so far so good.  Of course, I didn't get home until Thursday, and I'm in copious amounts of pain, so mostly we do a lot of this:

I need to tell you the story of Her Birth, it has some harrowing moments, but I'm really tired.  I was worried before she was born that I couldn't remember anything about taking care of a newborn, and now I know why.  Because you never get to sleep, so you can't remember anything once it's over.  I promise I'm getting there.


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Congratulations on Baby M and your adorable family. If I were closer, I would snuggle that baby and let you nap. Win-win.

Brett M said...

I love these pictures - thank you for sharing! Sorry you're in so much pain but hopefully that will get better very very soon! You and your cute family are in my prayers.