on 26 June 2014

"While you were so busy whispering, we have concocted a plan!"
"It is the BEST plan in the world!"
"I shall convey you all to my house in Chelsea and we shall taste the delights of the season!"

Mrs. Jennings, Sense & Sensibility


For a little Boy, there are few pleasures in life sweeter than playing in the hose fully clothed.

My Girl has a more discerning palate, she prefers ripe berries warmed by the summer sun. 

After playing in the hose, that is.


Sibley Saga .... said...

First: ADORABLE!! How sweet are those two faces???

Second: You and I are on the same track. This has been such a difficult month for me I've jumped into reading Austen for my own sanity. I finished P&P and am now reading Sense and Sensibility!

Kindred spirits, indeed!