I love Canadians

on 28 November 2016

Hi.  Miss me?  Not so much?  That's ok too.  I'm a mixed bag and not always miss-able. 

You should know, that I did reknit the back piece of Na Craga.  And then I put that sweater in Time Out for a while to think about it's actions and how we're going to proceed.  I feel like I've been working in circles lately, which is an awful feeling because I'm someone who derives a great deal of satisfaction from getting things DONE.

I really am going to continue the Long Tale of Last Year (it just gets longer and longer, though), but for today, there's a thing I think you should know about.

I have a long and complicated love affair with Canada and Canadians, it goes back to 9-11 when they took me in, an exile from my own country.  So it should come as little surprise that I want to tell you about this awesome and hilarious contest being held over at YarnCanada.ca

Basically, they want everyone to know the joy of Making their Own Stuff.  So they're holding a giveaway.  And the grand prize?  Sock Yarn for LIFE.  How awesome is THAT?  I've entered and I think you should too.  Don't knit?  That's sad.  Don't worry about it.  If you win, you can give it ALL to me! 

MwAH-HA-HA!  All the sock yarns for ME! 

To enter face to the North and click here:  http://www.yarncanada.ca/socksforlife

Don't believe me about how awesome hand knitted socks are?  Look what I made:

Custom fitted Tall Socks (as Lilu calls them, or knee highs as the rest of us would know them) for ME.  They're so lovely, y'all, warm and cozy and with the peculiar ability that hand knits have of making you feel strong and powerful because you MADE that.