Milk and Cookies

on 23 March 2012

I've been working on perfecting the chocolate chip cookie for nearly a decade.  The problem has been that Chris and I are looking for a texture that's almost impossible to achieve, crispy-chewy on the outside and soft-chewy in the center.

But I've done it.  I've perfected the Chocolate Chip cookie.  And the Boy agrees.

(You know how, that first year with a baby they grow and change so fast you almost can't keep up with them?  But then after their first birthday it seems to slow down and you can catch your breath.  And then, well, then it seems like you go to bed at night with one child and you wake up in the morning to a totally different child.  The Boy is changing so fast now.  He's losing the last traces of my Golden Baby and becoming a full fledged, dirt loving, gangled Big Boy.  I've known it was inevitable, but it still hurts my heart a little bit.  It seems I am always being left behind...)


Brett said...

I know what you mean about your little guy. I feel the same way about Jack. He's been little for so long, and now he just, doesn't seem little anymore.

PS> Are you sharing your recipe....?